AoVD will return… this fall!

Hi there! Remember us?

It’s been a while. Years, probably. Our core staff got hijacked by life (our main tech person went off to grad school, and our other admins launched new careers and expanded their families… you know, that sort of stuff) and the site fell into disuse. One by one, the programs that we used on here became non-functional, until all that was left was a handful of static pages leading to error screens. Twenty years after the site originally launched on its UK webspace, it had almost completely disappeared.

But none of us could really let go. So when we had to make a big decision this spring — whether or not to close the site down for good — we realized how much it still meant to us even if our lives had moved on, and decided it was time for a refurbishment.

Relaunching is going to take a bit of time, because we have something special in the works. More about that later. The relaunched site will focus strictly on the elements of AoVD that we talked about missing most of all: creativity and community. So our fan fiction archive will be returning in a very special new format, the fan art galleries will be restored, and we will be bringing back our message board and a chat room. We will have space for Lilith’s original biography (still the basis for Vin’s IMDB page!) and a few other nostalgic items, but that will be it.

We expect our relaunch to take place mid-fall, once the fan fiction archive is ready. That’s our big, special project, involving a new format and a brand new delivery system, and we’re very excited about it. As the relaunch gets closer, we’ll have more details for you.

See you soon!

The AoVD Team