The Chat Room is Back!

Things are taking longer than expected on the website front, but one thing that is already back… is our chat room!

Once upon a time, we used IRC for the chat room, but that technology has faded and is not really supported by the current model of the web. So we’ve gone over to Discord, and have just relaunched the Chat Room there!

If you’ve never used Discord, but were a staple of the old chat room, a member’s kid who shall remain nameless refers to IRC as “Discord for old people,” which made us all look for a bottle of Geritol on the spot. 😆 But trust us, if you liked the old IRC chat room, you will love using the new Discord room. We hope to see you there, and to keep updating you (here and there) with more information as we get it!

Things are still slow on the development end here, largely because our tech staff finally shed both Long Covid and unemployment and have a lot fewer hours to devote to the rebuild. But we are still working on it, we promise!

The AoVD Team